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Thriving at work

The problem The October 2017 ‘Thriving at Work’ Government report into mental health in the work place, shows there is a severe problem with people leaving work because of mental health. 300,000 people with long term mental health conditions leave their...

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Clinical treatment of depression

What is depression? Depression is a condition that does not have an adequate clinical definition but is usually used to cover a number of mental health challenges. It has also become a 'label' but the problem is that a label can become the contents....

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work life

- Owner and owned Historically as soon as people enter the workplace rather than equality, development and partnership, it is more 'owner and owned'; I am paying you so you will do my bidding the way I want it to be done. This accepted way in...

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work related illness

As a Counsellor/Psychotherapist I am troubled both by the statistics but also by the words ‘work-related’. This points to inconsiderate uncompassionate employers and as the stats show, unhappy employees. - The impact to your employees But how...

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problems at work

Mental Well-Being at work The latest research confirms the results of previous surveys: a significant proportion of problems at work, 33%, of the UK workforce, this time in professional positions, suffer from anxiety and depression. These phrases appear to...

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