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Businesses are more profitable when staff are content, enthused, valued and cared for. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? So obvious that every employer would aspire to these practices and ensure mental wellbeing at work. Yet more time is lost to stress and depression than any other cause.

did you know…?


of all work-related ill-health cases arise from stress, anxiety & depression (SAD)


of the population suffer weekly from clinical depression


of all working days lost due to health are from "SAD"


Of the world's top CEO's have had a breakdown

mental wellbeing at work

Welcome to Flourish. We provide mental wellbeing at work awareness and advise, educate and support businesses to create a better environment and bring out the potential of employees.

Flourish can enhance profit and reduce the toll on life quality by applying mental wellbeing awareness practices in your workplace.

have grown in strength and confidence

I really don’t think I would have been able to have grown in strength and confidence as I have without your support.

This has given me perspective, balance and vision which has transformed my approach to my work life.

– MC, Gloucestershire

insufficient professional help

David has not only supported me to return from an unsustainable lifestyle to one with a bright future, but has helped me to resolve intolerable stresses in my working life which were affecting the whole of my life.

He has helped me to understand the relationship that we all have between our internal selves and our external environments: especially how to favour the former in order to be at peace with the latter.

–  DW Worcestershire