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social enterprise

Relational understanding

The Flourish social enterprise initiative has an ambition to make informed relational understanding an everyday, every moment experience:


work, home, and play


colleagues, friends, partners, employers and employees


business, charity, community, church, schools, government and many others

why social enterprise?

Flourish Social Enterprise is Not for Profit organisation that will bring workshops and training to business, communities, employers, employees, managers, boardrooms, charities, schools, volunteer groups and many other groups, small or large.

The key focus is to enable individuals to gain a greater insight into why they are who they are and why others are as they are.

In doing so objectives in every environment will become enriched and fulfilled.

Knowing ourselves

Relational understanding, of ourselves and others is at the heart of mental well-being; mental well-being is at the heart of who we truly are; to fulfil our unique individual potential we need to know ourselves. To create fulfilling relationships of meaning, to know others, we first need to know ourselves.

How we become who we are in the moment to moment of relating is the heartbeat of Flourish Social Enterprise: WHO AM I – WHO ARE YOU.

Understanding unconscious interaction and the implications to each one of us in each one of our places is the key to enabling successful objectives at work, at play, in the family and in the community.

Unlocking awareness of self for ourselves, to ourselves and for others creates empathy, understanding, tolerance, patience, sensitivity, respect. It inexorably allows fulfilment.

we can help your business to flourish

a range of services to bring relational awareness and understanding of mental well-being