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Support - Flourish can help support both the employee and employer

The objective of the support, is to enhance the life quality of the sufferer, to create a working environment that cares and invests in employee mental health and awareness and to enhance profit. Contact us to be put in touch with a confidential counsellor.

A key service of Flourish is to provide direct support both to the individual and business for any level of staff who encounter mental wellbeing challenges. These challenges may be life in general or from the workplace or both.

To a person there is no difference between inside and outside the workplace and will endure mental wellbeing challenges from non-work life or from the workplace or both. Mental wellbeing difficulties will always affect the performance of the individual and therefore the business whatever the source.

Direct support is provided by Flourish through a network of counsellors and psychotherapists. A key difficulty for businesses, and the individual, is the need for support becomes apparent only when it becomes impossible to cope. To mitigate the impact on the individual before it is too late contact us about direct 1:1 counselling.

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