our story

why flourish was formed


David Sherborn-Hoare FRICS MBACP setup Flourish to help businesses discover the relational awareness in the workplace to transform the working environment and ultimately the bottom line.

As a successful business owner himself, David has advised businesses for many years. Having endured, and overcome, significant mental health challenges David was passionate about setting up a business that removes the distinction between work and non-work environments. He is now a qualified Psychotherapist with a clinical practice in Cheltenham.

His belief is in the foundational power of relationships in making and breaking lives within and outside the workplace. Mental health difficulties outside the business will affect executive and employee performance and decision taking inside the business; mental health challenges inside the business will affect quality of life outside the business.

Flourish is a place where businesses can discover the potency of relational awareness in the work place to transform both the working environment and the bottom line.

The problem

poor mental wellbeing awareness

about the problem...

The Governments’ health based focus has been on our physical well-being: diet, exercise and healthy living. The same focus and funding has not been applied to mental wellbeing awareness and literacy.

Yet the impact in the work place of mental ill health now exceeds that of physical conditions:

  • 0.5 million days lost to work related stress, anxiety and depression (SAD).
  • Each case of sad loses 24 working days on average
  • 11.7 million annual working days lost to SAD
  • 45% of all working days lost due to health are from SAD
  • 37% of all work-related ill-health cases arise from SAD
  • 5.2 billion is the cost of SAD related cases to GB economy
  • 25% of the population suffer from a psychological disturbance every week
  • 10% of the population suffer weekly from clinical depression

what is the effect?

  • poor relationships within teams;
  • relational difficulties between individuals;
  • tension and pressure created by under-prepared and under-aware line managers;
  • employees suffering from mental wellbeing problems having time off and the problem being hidden from the business.

the solution

flourish can help

our solution...

In order for a solution, something has to change.

To help staff to feel supported and open up about mental wellbeing challenges, something needs to change. flourish can help the whole business, groups and individuals. We setup objectives, employment practices in the relational field.

Our focus is on the combined business and psychological experience so that flourish can help to create a fulfilling workplace experience for the individual, the client and the business as a whole.

There is good news in the numbers. The evidence is that the impact on the bottom line has been 3-4% per annum compound where employee care has been a specific policy and budget within a business plan. Other benefits have included a reduction from sickness absence from 279 to 155 per annum.

Investing in counselling a member of staff and maintaining their work presence can withstand any cost-benefit analysis. The same applies with even greater emphasis to the boardroom whether in supporting individuals facing difficulties, individuals creating difficulties or boardroom mediation when war breaks out.

flourish understands the needs of business for timeliness; for integrity; for confidentiality and for financial awareness. We understand the need for staff to feel safe; for empathy; for compassion; for potential to be realised and valued. We exist uniquely through experience and understanding these needs to enable your business to prosper.

we can help your business to flourish

a range of services to bring relational awareness and understanding of mental well-being